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The possibilities within the human mind, as have been seen overtime, are literally without borders. This undeniable fact defines the core of our existence here at Frame Consults. As an evolving consulting firm focused on Human Potential Development, we are committed to creating an enabling environment for our clients to discover and leverage their untapped potential through a variety of training, workshops, webinars, and conferences.

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Business Analysis & Scrum Framework Training

Our program is designed to deliver a rigorous curriculum covering Business Analysis and the Scrum Framework in depth. No prior experience is required for applicants. We welcome individuals from various backgrounds and expertise levels to participate in our program, as it is crafted to cater to both beginners and those with existing knowledge.

Post Training Support

We provide all enrolled students with a thorough 6-week post-training interview preparation program as part of our course package. This supplementary training seamlessly blends into the main program, offering participants both interview preparation sessions and the chance to consolidate and apply the skills and knowledge acquired during their training.

One on One Coaching

With our personalized guidance, you will elevate your skills and achieve your goals through our transformative one-on-one coaching experience.

Career Mentorship

Our students are connected with Mentors who have gone through our program, completed it and now work with high-end companies around the world. Students will have the opportunity to speak with mentors and gain one-on-one insights from them.

Practical Project Experience

Our program possesses weekly projects carried out during the course of the program. All projects provide a step-by-step practice of all required principles to ensure a successful career in Business Analysis and Scrum Mastery.


Lifetime access to all live Class and Sprint meeting recordings.

- Who can register?

The Student
The Student
Being a student or graduate does not matter when you’re looking to prepare yourself for the job market. Upskilling is necessary at every stage and this course enables you to achieve that goal.
The Immigrant
The Immigrant
New Immigrants looking for directions on how to smoothly adapt into new and dynamic roles in the tech industry.
Who Can Register for Business Analysis and Scrum Framework by Frame Consults
The Ambitious
The Ambitious
If you’re looking to achieve set goals and advance in your career life, this course would be great for you.
The Career Changer
The Career Changer
If you’re looking to switch into a more advanced and exciting tech role that requires no coding, this course would be great for you.

No previous experience is required of all applicants. The Bootcamp’s curriculum is designed to accommodate beginners.

"From learning the fundamental pillars of the business analysis field to fostering analytical thinking, the program brought about significant behavioral changes in me."