- Who can register?

The Student: Being a student or graduate does not matter when you’re looking to prepare yourself for the job market. Upskilling is necessary at every stage and this course enables you to achieve that goal.

The Immigrant: New Immigrants looking for directions on how to smoothly adapt into new and dynamic roles in the tech industry.

Who Can Register for Business Analysis and Scrum Framework by Frame Consults

The Ambitious: If you’re looking to achieve set goals and advance in your career life, this course would be great for you.

The Career Changer: If you’re looking to switch into a more advanced and exciting tech role that requires no coding, this course would be great for you.

No previous experience is required of all applicants. The Bootcamp’s curriculum is designed to accommodate beginners.

"From the moment I enrolled, I wasn’t entirely confident if I could keep up with the course, but I was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional expertise of the instructor."